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Machine Learning Training in Ludhiana

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Machine Learning is the science or technique of getting computers to act without being programmed, in the past few decade this science has given us self-driving cars, speech recognition, effective web search and vastly improved understanding of human genome. so, we could say machines are now seeing their way into our daily lives and impacting our working habits and way of living.
Artificial Intelligence is a computer program, and based on its programming it does certain work but on the other side Machine Learning Training in Ludhiana is based on the concept of collecting data, and learning from it.
So, as a No. 1 Machine Learning Institute in Ludhiana, we offer you quality course of machine learning, that will provide job-oriented training in Python, MongoDB, R Studio and more for a career in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

  • Financial data analysis with MS Excel
  • Python programming
  • Emerging job areas-SMAC
  • Large data management
  • R programming
  • eProject (R)
  • AI Primer [ML, DL, Neural N/Ws]
  • Natural language processing toolkit
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning and machine learning APIs
  • Project-ChatBot and Recommendation Engine
  • Smart Pro Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning is a 14-month* course. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.
  • IT students/ professionals/ engineers

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